Recent Journal and Magazine Publications


Last Leaves, November 2020. "Courageous Moments."


The Lake, November  1, 2020. "Fashion Statements,."


The Hamilton Stone Review, Issue #43, Fall 2020. "Switch," "After My Grandfather's Death," and "In the Park."


Delta Poetry Review, Volume: 3, Issue: 6. "She Doesn't Even Know Who I Am," "Her Biggest Fan," and "Elvis Produce Man."


Yellow Mama, October 15, 2020, Issue #82. "Regrets."


Red Eft Review, October 12, 2020. "The Misanthrope's Talent."


The Avalon Literary Review, Fall 2020.  "Family Pleasures." See website for purchase:


Chiron Review, Issue #119. "If You Might Be Dying." See website for purchase:


The Mark Literary Review, October 2020. "Blue Dress."


impspired, Issue 7. "The Impatience of Insomniacs," "I Can't Even Remember What Caused Our Rift," and  "Enigma."


The New Verse News, September 29, 2020. "Goodbye, Charon."


First Literary Review-East, September 2020. "Bicycles."


The Shore, Issue 7, Autumn 2020: "Mulberries and Spiders,"


The Rye Whiskey Review, September 16, 2020: "Fini."


Poetry and Covid, September 9, 2020: "Pandemic," "The Human Virus," and "Happy Birthday in the Era of Covid."


Oyster River Pages, #4, 2020: "All My Love, Julia."


Mad Swirl, August 24, 2020: "Sights to Behold."


Tipton Poetry Journal, Summer 2020, #45: "The Doctor and the Crow."


The Rye Whiskey Review, August 10, 2010: "The Debt."


Global Poemic, July 8, 2020: "Dedication."


Poetica Review, Issue 5, Spring 2020: "This World of Men and Women."


Short Story Avenue, June 26, 2020: "You Are There and I Am Here."


The Rye Whiskey Review, June 21, 2020: "Duplex."


Short Story Avenue, June 19, 2020: "After You Said Yes."


Steam Ticket,  Volume 23 Spring 2020: "Elena." Print issue purchase info at


Levitate Issue 4. "Secrets to a Long Life."  Print issue info at

Yellow Mama #80, June 15, 2020: "Rita Hayworth and Me," "Strangers Keep Friending Me" and "True Love."


Ephemeral Elegies, June 3, 2020: "Staying at Home."


Muddy River Poetry Review #22, Spring 2020:  "The Basement" and "My Sister's Gift."


CircleShow #21, May 2020: "The Mermaid and the Airplane" and "The Bargain."


The Rye Whiskey Review, May 23, 2020: "Bold Proposal."


Birdsong Journal, May 19, 2020: "No Death for Old Habits."


Sheltering in Place, The Anthology. Staring Problem Press. May, 2020:  "Masks," "Respect in a New World," and "Free Spirits." Purchase  at

The New Verse News, May 7, 2020: "Animals in Paradise."


Sheepshead Review,  Spring 2020, May 5, 2020: "To the Young Fisherman."


The Mark Literary Review, May 2020: "For Mrs. H."


dreams walking, issue 1, april 2020: "Slumber and the Storm" and "The Animals Will Never Tell Me."


Moria, Spring 2020, April 27, 2020: "For A, on the Deck of an Atlantic Cruise Ship."


Hamilton Stone Review, Issue 42, Spring 2020: "Our Sunday Drives."

Yellow Mama, Issue #79, April 15, 2020: "Harry the Hippie" and "Michelango's Handshakes."


little somethings press: a collection of small writings, Issue 2, March 2020: "o u t s i d e r ."  Order at


Ephemeral Elegies, March 2020: "My Uncle's Ashes."


Tipton Poetry Journal, Winter 2020, Issue #43: "The Wolf, The Falcon, and the Hawk."


LitDrop Magazine, February 29, 2020: "Melonhead and Me."


Yellow Mama, Issue #78, February 15, 2020: "Banjo Bob and Cassy," "n e u r o t i c," and "I Imagine It's Goodbye."


ALBA: A Journal of Short Poetry, Winter 2020, "i s o l a t e," "m a n i c u r e," and "t r e  e  h o u s e."

Shot Glass Journal, Issue 30, January 2020:  "Detour" and "One of Those Evenings."


The Orchards, December 2019: "Uncle Bob."

Dirty Girls Magazine , Issue 2 Winter 2019: "Gloria's Grief." Available at

call me [brackets], Fall 2019, "Confessional,"  NOTE: The stanzas should be broken into lines of five each with no indentions, and the  last line should be by itself.
Constellations,: A Journal of Poetry and Fiction v 9: Confession, December 27, 2019: "Delusions of Accomplishment." Available at
Anti-Heroin Chic, December 22, 2019: "The Promise"
Bleached Butterfly, Vol. 1:3--December 2019: "Quasimodo's Plea," "Love Song to a Monster," and "Moleman"
Yellow Mama, Issue 76, December 15th, 2019: "Elegy for Frank" and "Schmoozy Woozy"
Synaeresis, Issue 8: "s o n g w r i t e r"
The Stray Branch, Fall/Winter 2019: "Daughter and Mother," "Colt 44,"  "Aunt Pleinsie on Furlough
From Western State Mental Hospital," and "Elegy for the Murdered"
Trailer Park Quarterly, Fall, 2019:"Intrusion"
Delta Poetry Review, Fall, 2019: ""Guardian Angel" and "What the Good Angel Said to Robert Johnson at the  Crossroads"
Bending Genres, October 15, 2019: "Biography of a Cousin"
Yellow Mama, Issue 76, October 15th, 2019: "Wanderer," "Raconteur," and "Desperado"
The Rye Whiskey Review, September 26, 2019: "Hiding Out at Moe's"
The Rye Whiskey Review, August 23, 2019: "Herman Goring and Psycho Hillbilly Play the Dozens in the Far Side Bar"
Bangor Literary Journal, August 2019: "Her Wise Words,"
ISACOUSTIC,*  August 15, 2019: "Ghost Apples" and "Vacation"
Yellow Mama, August 15, 2019: "The Ladderites" and "Voltaire and the Literary Guerillas"
The New Verse.News, August 09, 2019: "History of a Bigot"
The Rye Whiskey Review, July 10, 2019: "Nice"
Circle Show, Winter/Spring 2019: "The First Time," ""Home Sweet Home," ""Dreamstones Waited,"
""The Menagerie That Glistened in Our Eyes," and "Before I Flee This Archipelago"
Oddball Magazine, June 12, 2019: "Good Souls"
Shot Glass Journal, June 8, 2019: "The Night You Died"
Ghost City Press, June 7, 2019:  "Goodbye Mr Merwin,"
Zombie Logic Review, June 7, 2019: "Five Poems By David Spicer,"
Post Card Poems and Prose Magazine,  June 7, 2019: "Grand Opening,"
The Rye Whiskey Review, May 31, 2019: "One Last Whiskey,"
Jars of Wine, May 20, 2019: "The Night I Met My God,"
The Bookends Review, May 3, 2019: "traveler,"
Progressive Poetics, April 27, 2019: "America, America 1,"
Flatbush Review, Issue #4: "Zipper Lady,"
Yellow Mama, February 15, 2019: "Hideaway," "After You Slept," "Ways My Calico Gets Her Way,"
Cacti Fur, "Hateful Man":  January 09, 2019
Yellow Mama, December 15,2019":  "The Bitchers" and "Voltaire and The Literary Guerillas,"
The Zombie Logic Review: "Respect" "Selective Memory," "King of the Bees," "Baseball Cards, Burns, Mothers:
A Triptych," "No Yellow Brick Road for Dorothy,"  November 24, 2018: "Elegy for a Chanteuse" and "Sentinels of Love"
Midnight Lane Boutique,  October 27, 2019: "Thank the Thunder" and "Family Road Trip"

The Hamilton Stone Review, Issue #39 Fall 2018: "My Grandmother"
Gravel, Fall, 2018: "Iris, The French Coast,  July 1944"
Synaeresis IV: "Journey: An Ars Poetica"
Remington Review, Fall 2018: "You Left"
Midnight Lane Boutique, September 24, 2018: "Career "  and "On the Eve of the Apocalypse"
Santa Clara Review, Vol. 106, Issue 1: "Epistle to G"
In Between Hangovers, April 7, 2018: "Unanswered Letter"
unbroken journal, Issue 17: "Contributor's Note"
The New VerseNews, June 18, 2018: Plantet Hell's very Last Supper/Death Match
RAW Journal of Arts, March 29, 2018, Issue II: "A Town in Cornwall"
The Subsynchronous Press Poem of the Month Collection, May 2017:  "Town of No Taboos"
The New Verse News, March 15, 2018: "7000 Pairs of Shoes"
RAW Journal of Arts, Issue no.1: "Persimmon Boy"
CircleShow 17 Winter 2017: "Ancient Soul" and "Yuma, Where Are You?"
Your One Phone Call, March 15, 2018: "The Assassin Academy"
In Between Hangovers, March 5, 2018: "The Phantom and Me"
Your One Phone Call, February 26, 2018, "Emigrating to Latvia"
Your One Phone Call, February 19, 2018, "Music"
Your One Phone Call, February 12, 2018, "Innocuous Invitation"
Yellow Mama, February 10, 2018, "Whataya Say," "WANTED," and "Roxyanna"--see archives of Yellow Mama
Varnish, Issue 1, "Eating Pie A La Mode"  Website expired.


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